About Us

We deal with chestnut cultivation from all points of view

We have chosen to deal with chestnut cultivation because we believe it can produce sustainable, lasting and ethical development for our entire territory.

Our Cooperative Company

We have chosen the structure of a Cooperative Company in which each member is equal to the others, with equal rights, duties and opportunities

As required by our Statutet, it is managed by the Board of Directors elected by the Shareholders’ Meeting, which contains all the operating rules of the Cooperative, the aims and objectives, the rights and duties of the Members.

Anyone who owns or manages at least one chestnut tree and wants to contribute with us to the relaunch of chestnut growing in the Varese pre-Alpine area can become a Member.

No, the Cooperative Company indeed protects the property of its Members by trying to enhance their chestnut groves as much as possible through sustainable management and the search for projects and economies in order to improve them.

We believe it is the best formula to bring together ordinary people who experience the territory every day, without any particular desire for enrichment, but only with the intention of enhancing it while respecting it.


People every autumn

taste our roasted chestnuts at the famous ‘castagnate’

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The varieties

of chestnuts grown by the Consortium

Passion for chestnuts
Respect for the territory
Willingness to collaborate
The most important moments

A story with so much more to tell

The Constitution

The Consortium is born

Consorzio Castanicoltori Logo
Release of the Torymus in 2012
The post gall wasp

The beginning of the recovery after difficult years

Ten years

A conference to take stock and relaunch

The presentation of the study at the Consortium's 10th anniversary conference (1)
The e-commerce

The Consortium’s online shop opened

Come and discover chestnut cultivation with us

A taste of our forests

The heart of our work: recovering and maintaining these treasures of biodiversity, a tradition with deep roots, a wonderful landscape.

Come and visit us to discover the chestnut woods in every season, we will be able to guide you on an unexpected path.