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Through its Members and its partners, internal professionals and its network of collaborations, our Cooperative Company is able to provide a wide range of services in the field of chestnut cultivation and development of the territory. If you do not find information in the different sections regarding your request, contact us directly and we will find the best solution for you.

Chestnuts and Products

The fruits of our work, and it’s not just chestnuts

In the online shop you can find a selection of the best productions of our Cooperative Company, of the companies that are part of it and of the supply chain that we have created around us. Many chestnut delicacies, but also local products, objects created in chestnut wood and particular curiosities.

Some products will be immediately available, for others there may be a waiting time because they have to be ordered and sometimes they are even tailor-made. Production numbers do not always allow us to constantly insert some specialties on the site, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to always be up to date.

Of course, coming to visit us in person would always give you some surprises.

Chestnut products

from fresh fruit to the inevitable roasted chestnut, to flour and from there the imagination is unleashed in a thousand variations. But also beer, small jars of sweetness and special specialties. Our fruits are completely natural, grown without any chemical treatment and processed with the utmost care and attention.

Other products

our chestnut growers are often small companies that do many different things and we would like to offer them to you so that you can get their flavors, colors and scents home. From honey to fruit, from infusions to cured meats and then preserves, jams and polenta. If you wish, you can also pick up everything directly at the company in order to get to know us better.

Wood and objects

chestnut wood is a magical wood and with that our artisans create small and large wonders, from the simple cutting board to the artistic work, the unique piece born of inspiration or the object refined over time, to furnish the house or the own garden.

Technical assistance

Our experience at your service

We can help you manage your forest, from the recovery of the chestnut grove to maintenance, to deal with extraordinary interventions or phytosanitary problems. We can avoid planning errors and guarantee compliance with regulations, help you understand the feasibility of a recovery or the best way to preserve a chestnut tree you are particularly fond of.

Our technicians, as well as the professionals of our network and associated companies, have the necessary training and experience, but above all a passion for chestnut cultivation.

If you already have clear ideas you can ask us directly for a quote, or contact us to describe your situation and we will evaluate together the best options.

Evaluations and feasibility

Do you have a chestnut forest, but you don’t know if you can recover it as a chestnut forest and if it’s worth it? Write to us indicating the position, the characteristics and the history of your forest, we will contact you to discuss it together.


Recovering a fruit chestnut grove requires attention and professionalism in order not to run into regulatory or technical problems right from its planning. Trust us with confidence, trust our experience.

Recovery and maintenance

Thanks to the companies that are part of the Cooperative Company and to their operational capacity, we can also support you in the woods in all the activities necessary for the recovery or maintenance of the chestnut grove.


We have trained some young pruners in treeclimber to work specifically on fruit chestnuts, so that they maintain their vitality and continue to produce fruit, both in the garden and in the chestnut grove.

Plant health

Do you have any chestnut trees that show worrying signs? Start by sending us a description of the problem and some meaningful photos so we can begin to understand how we can help you.


To inspire the new generations

Talking about chestnuts and chestnut trees means talking about traditions, biodiversity, places, botany and agronomy, it means telling the story of our communities, a story that could also be the future for many young people.

For this reason we have accompanied numerous classes, of all scholastic levels, to discover the habitat of the chestnut woods, their beauty in every season and the fundamental contribution they represent for biodiversity, the protection of the territory and of course for the products they provide us. .

forest lessons

We always work in cohesion with teachers, so as to build an output, a laboratory or an online lesson that is consistent with the needs of the classes, their study path and the expectations of pupils and parents.

Of course, in our proposals we also include the contribution of our associated companies, for example by combining a visit to the chestnut forest with a visit to a farm or an apple orchard, to show how our territory is a treasure trove of often surprising places and knowledge.

We also collaborate with local administrations and associations, such as the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park or the Prealpina Museum of Rural Culture in Brinzio or the Diffused Museum in Orino in order to propose particular projects that are even more linked to the territory as a whole.

Services for the Members

How the Cooperative Compamy helps its chestnut farmers

Our Members enjoy a series of advantages and services that the Company offers them to support them in their activity and in the protection of their chestnut groves, because local chestnut cultivation requires joined forces and working in a network.

hands chestnuts


all Members can give their chestnuts to the Company which will be purchased at an agreed and advantageous price.

Dedicated assistance

the Cooperative’s technicians are available from the first inspection on to help Members and Members in the enhancement of their chestnut grove. Part of the assistance is free while the more complicated interventions are supported with a reduction in costs.


Associated Companies can use this site for the promotion and sale of their products and all Members benefit from a discount on each purchase.


Members are involved in participating in tenders, research projects, promotional interventions and any other activity that may benefit them and the Cooperative Company. They also have precedence in participating in courses and initiatives promoted by the Cooperative.

Educational panels (5)

Training and Education

It’s not as easy as it sounds

Recovering and then managing a fruit chestnut grove, as well as enhancing one’s own chestnuts or working chestnut wood are all apparently very simple activities, but which require skills and experience to get the best possible result and where it is possible to even generate an income or a profession.

Thanks to our technicians, companies and professionals in our network, we can offer you the most suitable training course for you, to feed your passion or think about operational profiles and professional growth.

The courses and technical meetings are carried out both on the basis of a pre-established schedule and in response to requests that we receive so if you are interested in a topic that is not yet on the calendar, contact us.

Chestnut groves

How to plan, recover and maintain them. From regulatory obligations, to agronomic and botanical needs, from attention to production to that for the landscape and biodiversity, from ordinary to extraordinary operations


Recognize and address threats to the health of the chestnut and the entire chestnut grove.

Processing and cooking

How to best use the fruits, from harvest to table, to enhance the different varieties and properties of chestnuts.


Use of chestnut wood, from small objects to large interventions, from home furnishings to that of a park.

Study visits

Because some things are better understood by watching them live and then we go directly to the place to have them explained to us.

Guided tours

The magic of our chestnut groves

Everything else is fine, but if you really want to fully share our passion you have to come and visit us. In autumn with its colors and scents, but also in other seasons because the chestnut groves are chests capable of enhancing ever-changing treasures.

In collaboration with professional guides, involving our companies and the realities of the territory we offer you excursions in which the beauty of the places will be the protagonist, accompanied by local flavors, by the charm of the nature that surrounds us and by the passion of our chestnut growers, by their pride for what they are doing.

The proposals follow the evolution of the seasons, special occasions, ideas and experiments that come to mind to surprise our guests, so we don’t have a standard calendar, but you can find all the next releases in the news or directly in the shop . We wait for you!


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